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Easy to program. Incredibly powerful.

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UP1 series aint nothin to f**k wit.

Sense. Plan. Act.

The three core components of any robotic system. The UP1 brings them together seamlessly.


The manipulator arm was designed to provide a wide range of movement without being cumbersome.


360mm reach


36mm gripspan


10oz arm load capacity


5 degrees of freedom


We optimized the distance between the cameras for short range depth perception. We wanted the robot to be able to pick up what it can see.


Dual camera (640X480) for RGBD data


Speaker and microphone for audio interaction

* Speaker and microphone not in included in Dev Kit


Every robot needs needs a brain. We chose one which would allow for high performance, low power consumption, and robust software compatibility.


Dual core Intel Atom


Built in MicroSD storage


Wi-Fi and Bluetooth onboard


The base is the foundation upon which all three modules come together and provides reliable mobility.


4 IR sensors for obstacle avoidance


4x4 wheel setup


Speed: 0.7 m/s

The UP1

Avoid the rats nest of wires and screws. With the UP1 everything snaps together, and future modules will make adding capability a breeze.

UpDroid Commander

Quick Complete Control

Everything you need to get your updroid running.

All you need is a Wi-Fi connection and you can control your robot, write and run ROS scripts, and even download new components from our package shop.

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What's in the Box!?!?

Ships December 2016


Fully Assembled Modules

  • * I/O
  • * CPU
  • * Mono Arm Manipulator
  • * 4x4 Wheel Base


16v AC Adapter


16gb OS MicroSD card


UpDroid Swag

UP1 Dev Kit
Ships Spring 2016


Early access to unassembled modules


Hackable system based upon:

  • * Intel Edison
  • * Arduino


Same system currently used by UpDroid Engineers


Even more swag



Easy to program.

Incredibly powerful.

For orders outside the US or any other inquiries please send us an email at contact@updroid.com

Check out our FAQ here.

Order $799

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The UP1

The UP1 Dev Kit is an early iteration of our UP1 model. It has been used during development however it has had limited testing in the field. By purchasing the Dev Kit you are acknowledging the risks involved such as breakages and injury.

Do not purchase the Dev Kit if you are not prepared to wire and screw together a slew of parts. Getting it running will involve a lot of setup.

That said, if you do purchase a kit, we hope you enjoy it. We have put a lot of effort into making it the best product possible. Any issues or questions you may have about the product, you may contact us directly at contact@updroid.com

Happy hacking, UpDroid loves you.

I understand, lets do it.




Q. I have experience with ROS and don’t feel like I need the UpCom IDE. Is it the only way I can use UP1?

A. Definitely not. We designed the UP1 software architecture to follow the conventions established on other popular ROS platforms and you can expect it to work in a familiar way. See our publicly available UP1 packages at https://www.github.com/updroidinc for more details and documentation.

Q. Is the software for UP1 open-source?

A. For the most part. The firmware on the motor controllers is proprietary, as is the core of UpDroid Commander - the things that probably wouldn’t satisfy anything but pure curiosity. The meat of the robotics software contained in ROS packages is all open-source. The UpCom SDK and example plugins are all open-source as well. You can find all our open-source software at https://www.github.com/updroidinc.

Q. Is the UP1-Series hardware open-source?

A. We don’t want to upset anyone by misusing the term “open-source hardware”, so we won’t go that far. That said, the interfaces for third party and custom modules are thoroughly detailed and released under the TAPR Open Hardware License. These interfaces include dimensional outlines for the mating surfaces between module enclosures and pinout descriptions for the power/signal connectors.

UP1-Dev Kit:

Q. What is different about the UP1-Dev Kit?

A. The UP1-Dev Kit is shipped partially disassembled, with the less complicated parts of assembly left for the user to complete. Additionally, the electronic components making up the internals of the assembled robot consist of more off-the-shelf products and less of custom UpDroid-designed parts.

Q. Is the software for the UP1-Dev Kit the same as the regular UP1?

A. There are minor low level differences in the firmware and some ROS packages. We will have detailed information on what the differences are when the regular UP1 is further along in development and also clear instructions for migrating from the Dev Kit to the regular UP1.

Q. Why do you have two different products?

A. With delivery of the regular UP1 a long ways out, we wanted to offer an alternative package for customers that would rather not wait, but still have something that would be software-compatible with the final product. The Dev Kit resembles our internal prototypes for software development that we worked on while our electronics were still in development, so we can offer personal support having had prior experience with all the components. Another purpose for the Dev Kit is to give us the opportunity to get earlier end-user feedback.