Once an android phone is purchased, the user needs to follow a set up procedure before he can fully use the device. This is also the case of the Droid by Motorola. Here are some easy steps to follow to set up Droid:

  • (1) From the initial activation screen of the android phone, touch the "Android" character.
  • Screen Display: "Welcome. Touch the android to begin"

  • (2) Then touch “Activate”.
  • Screen Display: “Activate your phone. A special call needs to be made to activate your phone service. After pressing ‘Activate’, listen to the instructions provided to activate your phone”

  • (3) Take note of the instructions, touch ‘1’, then stay on the line until the confirmation for the activation is heard.
  • Screen Display: “Activate your phone. Listen to the instructions to activate your phone. Stay on the line until you hear confirmation that your phone is activated.”

  • (4) Touch Next.
  • Screen Display: “Phone is activated! Your phone is now activated. It may take up to 15 minutes for service to start.”

  • (5) Touch Begin.
  • Screen Display: “There are some important things to understand to get the most out of your phone. Using the onscreen keyboard. Setting up a Google Account. Touch ‘Begin’ to start the tutorial and find out more or touch ‘Skip’ to skip this tutorial and continue.”

  • (6) Then touch Next.
  • Screen Display: “Using the onscreen keyboard. Open the keyboard. Touch any text field. Close the keyboard. Press the Back key. Touch & hold a key for options. Access punctuation and accents.”

  • (7) Touch Next.
  • Screen Display: “It’s easy to set up your phone! All you need is a Google Account.”

  • (8) Touch the preferred option (create, sign in or skip).
  • Screen Display: “Don’t have a Google Account? Create. Already have a Google Account? Sign in. Want to set up an account later? Skip.”

Here are the steps on creating a Google account to set up Droid by Motorola:

  • Slide the keyboard to the open position.
  • Enter the Google account information. Click on Next. (First Name, Last Name, and Username)
  • Choose a password and enter it. Then re-enter the password and then select Next.
  • Choose the Security question field.
  • Choose any of the security question. Only one is required. Then enter the answer to that question.
  • Select Create.
  • Take time to review the Google Terms of Service. Click on I agree and then Next.
  • Enter the characters seen on the screen.
  • After this, slide the keyboard back to its ‘close’ position.

Optional/Additional Steps:

  • Make sure that the ‘Allow Google’s location service to collect anonymous location data. Collection will occur when no applications are running” and “Allow Google to use location for improved search results and other services” options are checked.
  • Make sure the Back Up settings to my Google Account is checked, then click on Next.
  • Click on Finish setup.