About UpDroid

Founded in 2013, UpDroid is a technology startup with the vision to jump-start the personal robotics industry. We believe that personal robots in the future will be used to amplify our physical capability in day to day activities. This is analogous to what personal computers have done for computation, information access, and connectivity. Similar to the explosive growth of computers, this cannot be done without involving the developer community. We will provide them with a powerful platform to develop, share, and build an ecosystem that they will use to solve problems, both mundane and extraordinary.

Job Openings

Software Engineer

As a software engineer, you will lead the design and implementation of the system software architecture that integrates the backend of our application with the robotics framework. You will also be responsible for building systems for automated software testing and deploying updates.

Mechanical Engineer

As a mechanical engineer your core job will be to build the chassis and kinematic links for the robot. Apart from this you will also be in-charge of prototyping, parts procurement and vendor dealings.