Introducing UP1-series

Easy to program. Incredibly powerful.

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UpDroid Commander

Quick Complete Control

Everything you need to get your updroid running. No setup, no complicated installs. UpCom runs entirely within a supported web browser on your computer using nothing but a basic Wi-Fi network. Jump in and get coding with all the help you need at the click of a button.

UpCom has all the tools you need to build your applications in one simple and familiar tab-based layout. ROS, OpenCV, preinstalled and ready to go.

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Robotics for Everyone

The UP1-Series is our answer to the problem of mass-produced and standardized robots for the average developer. It's our first model that embodies ease of use, versatility, and scalability.

Our first UP1-Series package uses wheels to traverse terrain. It has an input output (IO) module with stereo cameras for computer vision, a microphone for voice recognition, and a speaker for speech. A pair of arms on its Manipulator module enables it to pick up or move objects. A growing catalog of modules will not only add to the functionality of the UP1-Series but open up different avenues of development as well.

Out of the box, the UP1-Series includes sample applications for you to see what your new machine is capable of. When you're ready, you can fire up UpDroid Commander's Editor and Console tabs to get your creative juices flowing. Come up with something amazing? Share it with the community!

The robotics landscape has never been an easy one to jump into. The tools are complex, the study material is massive, and the cost is high. The UP1-Series, as with all future lines, removes these barriers. Get up and get ready!




Easy to program. Incredibly powerful.

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